Kabuki, fan, powder, blush, shade, eyeliner, brush, owning a kit of makeup brushes is a must for makeup lovers. But be careful, the price of a make-up brush is not limited to its purchase, you must also invest in cleaners to maintain the effectiveness of these precious tools.

Why clean your makeup brushes?

Because with time and frequency of use, our tools will accumulate makeup products and the hair will harden. Also, to preserve the softness of the bristles and the effectiveness of the brushes, they should be cleaned regularly. But in addition to the effectiveness of our brushes, their cleaning is necessary because in the long term our brushes become shelters for bacteria. Poor maintenance and dirty brushes, hello acne and skin inflammation as well as allergies.

How to clean your make-up brushes?

In addition to daily cleaning and weekly deep cleaning to remove excess product, our brushes need to be disinfected to remove microorganisms: If you can invest in make-up lotions or sprays, good for you, the economists can look for softer, no fewer effective methods such as very mild shampoos or liquid Marseille soap. Soak the bristles of your brushes in a bowl of warm water containing the cleaning product for a few minutes. Then, gently rub them with your hand or a specific tool such as a brushegg cleaner to remove any encrusted impurities, Rinse your brushes with clean water to remove the last residues Dry your brushes quickly on absorbent paper. Then store them in their case to prevent further dust accumulation.

Make-up brushes to clean at a mini price

Whether you bought at BYS for less than 4 euros the kit of 5 brushes or 30 euros the kit of 16 professional brushes, or a make-up brush kit at a mini price at CDiscount for less than 30 euros the set of 32 pieces of make-up brushes, it is always better to buy at the same time a make-up brush cleaner. Buy a silicone scrubber tool known as the brushegg cleaner to clean the bristles of your brushes for less than 4 euros at CDiscount. Durable, effective make-up brushes for less than 35 euros is possible.