Since the first diamonds were extracted 3000 years ago in India, the beautiful stone has been an important symbol in many cultures. For example, ancient Egyptians saw a diamond as a protective stone with both spiritual and medical benefits. In Greek, diamonds were a symbol of eternal love. Ancient Greeks also wore it as an amulet to protect them from poisons. The rarity of the stone and its status as a precious stone made the diamond’s value increase.

Nowadays, diamonds are still used for medicinal and therapeutic benefits. In lithotherapy, people use precious stones and minerals for healing. People who use precious stones for healing believe in the existence of imperceptible energy within us and around us. The energy of every precious stone is unique based on its crystallization, compounds and colour. This energy can affect your energy positively to bring both physical and spiritual wellness.

What is Lithotherapy?

The term ‘lithotherapy’ refers to the use of precious stones to provide care. Lithotherapy is derived from two Greek words that combine to come up with the definition. The first part, ‘Litho,’ is a Greek word for ‘stone.’ In contrast, ‘therapeia’ is a word meaning ‘care.’ This form of treatment incorporates many different techniques of energy healing to provide care, including meditation, massage among other methods with healing capabilities. In lithotherapy, people and healers use various precious stones, such as diamonds, to provide care, making it an alternative medication mode.

How Does Diamond’s Therapeutic Virtues in Lithotherapy Work?

Diamonds contain minerals that are similar to those present in our bodies, and that is why their properties can influence our senses. Diamond’s properties vibrate and disperse endless doses of minerals into your body as you position it over a specific part of the body. As such, it can help transform your energies, pulses and shifts based on its signature. Factors such as size can significantly determine the effects of the diamonds on your body. For instance, bigger diamonds have more noticeable vibrations, meaning they have more healing abilities than smaller ones.

Apart from that, the amount of minerals in your body determines your body’s receptivity to the diamond’s vibrations. Magnesium, iron and potassium are some of the elements that have a particular vulnerability to diamonds. Diamonds also work by colours, as coloured vibration waves have a powerful effect on an individual’s senses and psychological functions. The usage of jewellery in lithotherapy produces a phenomenal frequency across the skin, regulating nerve ingress and lowering tension levels, among other benefits. To clear your mind, diamonds capture and expel harmful energies from the body. Since diamonds are strong healing stones, they can push strength into your body, mind and soul to reenergize.

Advantages of Lithotherapy

  • There are plenty of benefits that are directly associated with lithotherapy. Our bodies are made up of many different forms of energy and minerals similar to those found in various natural stones. Therefore, these stones act on our senses when placed on a specific part, such as the lower back or the skulls.
  • Like magnets, these healing stones can use energy to repel or attract. Lithotherapy can help an individual realize their inner strength. That is because using natural stones unleashes spiritual and physical virtues hidden in your body.
  • Through lithotherapy, you can go back to your whole self, as realizing your inner strength can help revitalize and energize your body. With the therapy, you can restore the amounts of energy in your body as it helps eliminate emotional blockages, tensions among other negative energies.
  • If you are undergoing an emotionally difficult moment, wearing natural stone jewellery can help repair the emotional wounds. These emotional wounds can include instances of nightmares. Therefore, ensure you wear your natural stone jewellery next time you wake up from a terrible nightmare.
  • Lithotherapy is a great way to gain self-knowledge as it harmonizes various body parts. As it is a form of therapy, this treatment can help foster inner peace and awaken your spiritual and physical vibrations that can stabilize your state of mind, revitalizing your whole body.

The Use of Diamonds in Lithotherapy

In lithotherapy, these precious stones are used in different ways. For instance, placing diamonds around the lower back of a patient can help in treating kidney stones. Also, people can place diamonds on their skull to help align their skeletal system.

If you wear diamonds in the form of jewellery, such as earrings and necklaces, you can help foster a communication channel between your body and higher chakras. That is possible since diamonds are believed to act as a bridge between various chakras in your body. Diamonds also have enormous benefits for your heart. For instance, wearing a diamond necklace that hangs close to your heart can help foster its healing benefits as these precious stones have high vibrations frequencies.

Nowadays, people place diamonds in different parts of their houses to promote positive energy and good relations between the home residents. Apart from their physical hardness and strength, diamonds are strong enough to amplify other healing stones’ healing properties. Therefore, you can use diamonds alongside other natural stones to boost their healing capabilities.

During occasions such as engagements, weddings, and anniversaries, couples can exchange diamond jewellery for encouraging companionship or purity within the relationship.

Mental Benefits of Diamonds in Lithotherapy

There are plenty of mental benefits that diamonds come along with through lithotherapy. For instance, it contrasts deeply with the crown chakra, the seventh chakra, found at the top of the brain. Through lithotherapy, diamonds are used to bind you to celestial powers alongside your spirituality, granting you clear access to the universe’s subtle energies. During cosmic meditations, diamonds are the most widely prescribed minerals as it has an energy that aligns the person with the rhythms of the heart and the brain.

As mentioned above, diamonds are extremely strong precious stones. For that reason, it is considered both an effective energy emitter and a highly efficient receiver. Apart from that, this natural stone has an amazing absorption capability. As such, it enables us to strengthen our channelling, relaxation and telepathy capabilities. Diamonds help recall our memories as it makes it easier to communicate with our inner self. If you have cut yourself loose from your early childhood experienced and feelings, it is the best mineral to help you revisit your past.

If you are going through a difficult time or problem in life, then diamonds might be the remedy you need to get through. In life, there are many tough situations that you may go through. Diamonds can be a perfect solution to tough challenges that you may be grappling with. Therefore, diamonds can come in handy, whether you are dealing with job issues or marriage problems. If you have a weak thinking power, then diamonds might be the solution you have been looking for. Diamonds are what you need if you have been looking for anything to help you develop your decision-making skills and improve your thinking capacity.

Wearing diamonds can be a great way to enhance your creativity as they are known to inspire fresh ideas. Diamonds are an excellent stone to wear if you want to improve your creativity as an individual with an artistic soul. Today, many actors and actresses alongside musicians wear diamonds due to their thought-inspiring capabilities. Owing to the nature of their work, artists are constantly on the lookout for new ideas; that’s why many wear diamonds. If you are looking for something similar, then a diamond is the best choice.

Since diamonds promotes mental health, it can help improve relations with our partners and family. It also promotes harmony within us and among other people. This precious stone can help dissolve anxieties, conflicts and blockages by providing foresight and mental insight. Through lithotherapy using diamonds, the body and mind are calmed and aligned, helping individuals develop their clairvoyant ability.

If you have been having depression, anxiety or a short-temper, diamonds might be the best solution for you. Diamonds can help you cope with your irritability as they will help your mind relax. With their attributes and properties, diamonds can help assist depressive victims in overcoming their challenges. For people that often deal with anxiety issues, diamonds can help prevent anxious moments.


Since ancient times, precious stones such as diamonds have been used as a healing strength source worldwide. Recently, many people have shown an interest in the healing benefits of these stones. Diamonds are among the most popular healing stones today, with the ability to emit a calming energy that directly affects a person’s wellbeing.

Generally, diamonds can be used for social, bodily and mental benefits. However, healers and many individuals use diamonds in lithotherapy for their mental therapeutic benefits. These include easing the mind, stimulating relaxation and cultivating a sense of peace. These two are necessary for an individual as they contribute to a joyful disposition. The mental benefits of diamonds are many, but the ones mentioned above are among the top list.