For slimming, relooking services have the choice between several long- and short-term modules. These centres bring together specialists in coaching, psychology and technicians and operators who use specific procedures and equipment. In makeover, slimming is not something that is obvious to everyone.

Slimming Beauty Paris: the services

The services in slimming centres are delicate procedures. For example, there is Coolsculpting or Cryolipolysis, which relies on the use of cold to cause fat loss. It is a method that does not present any real danger except that the effectiveness of the method is questionable in the short term. Slimming centres also often offer additional services such as laser or pulsed light hair removal. The centres then use equipment such as laser trays, Thermage, Cynosure, etc., which are very sophisticated equipment. As a result, their service is generally very expensive compared to other makeover services such as hairstyles and makeovers. However, the centres can also provide traditional long-term weight loss methods such as gymnastics, dance and nutritional education if necessary.

Slimming beauty Paris: the centres

There are about 80 slimming centres in Paris. You would therefore have a wide range of choices available for your slimming project. Here are some examples: 19 rue Lourmel, Auteuil, Victor Hugo, Boulainvilliers, Emeriau, Espace Victoria, bd Charonne, etc. These centres offer all the use of lypomodelages and lasers for slimming and depilation.

Slimming Beauty Paris: Relooking Paris

In the ninth arrondissement, Relooking Paris, is a centre that also offers care on slimming and various treatments for a makeover. In addition to the mutilation of the various materials now classic in these different centres. The professionals at Relooking Paris also offer their service with advice and appropriate information to lose weight as quickly as possible and stay in top form. Your health and beauty are their concerns at the centre and the minimum rates for their service are only around 9€. At these prices, you could test the treatments offered by the centre on its slimming, hair removal and anti-wrinkle equipment. However, for effective results, it is necessary to continue the care while following the dietary and aesthetic advice of the professionals.