A makeover as the term indicates is the act of changing the look or style of a person whether it is a woman or a man. This relooking can consist in changing the hairstyle, make-up, clothing or all three at once. This session lasts only a few hours.

Before after hairdressing makeover

For hairdressing, relooking is mostly about cutting the hair into a shorter hairstyle or making it longer using the weaving method. The latter requires other longer hairs to be glued to the old hair. This also allows you to change the nature of your hair a little bit: for example, change very curly hair into straight hair, smooth hair into wavy hair, etc. Some hairdressers also advise you to put on a little fringe to get more style. Apart from cutting and weaving hair, hair colouring has also become very trendy. You can choose between colours such as blonde, chestnut, brown, black, brown, chocolate brown and even bright colours such as red, garnet, purple, yellow and even white and grey. Hair colouring is a good way to completely change your look. However, it requires a lot of care by using good hair products such as shampoo, cream or serum to reduce hair loss, especially for men.

Difference between before and after only reason to relook

Which of us doesn't want to change a little for good? Most people like to make a makeover for a big night out or a show. Nevertheless, you can do a makeover even just for the pleasure of being changed, to see yourself differently with another style. This will highlight your external radiance, shape and even your inner personality with a simple touch of make-up before and after, a new hair style and another style of clothing.

Before after famous people

To illustrate the big change after a makeover, here are some examples of artists' makeovers using makeup before and after: Lady Gaga with her strange dress and her make-up before and after teeming; even singers and actors like Madonna, the beautiful actress Dakota Johnson, Scarlett Johansson and the famous singer Rihanna.