Whatever the shape of your eyes or their color, they can become your most fatal seduction weapon in a makeover project. Want to change your head and your life, discover the easy-to-make eye make-up tips for a sexy and captivating look. If you are a smoker, note: to look good and have a well hydrated and beautiful skin, you must stop smoking. You can replace the normal cigarette with the electronic one, it gives the same feeling but not the same adverse health effects. For more information visit cigarettes-electroniques.biz.

Find eye make-up tips

To get a more precise idea of the results, you can view the make-up tutos on youtube, follow the practical make-up sheets step by step, note and adopt the make-up techniques of professionals from major brands such as Nivea, L'Oréal,....

The basics of good eye make-up

Whether you decide to start relooking your eyes on yourself or on a person to rejuvenate, to bring out a style or to make eyes an asset of seduction, you must: Have the right tools at hand: make-up brush kit, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow,... Master the essential gestures of eye make-up, Use a make-up tone that is always close to the complexion for a natural look, Clean and even out the skin of the eyes with a concealer, concealer or other corrector to fix the make-up, Perfect and wax the brow bone well, Take the time to carefully analyze the shape of each woman's eyes and their color before moving on to makeup.

Eye make-up techniques

Blue, brown, green, almond eyes, here are some makeover tips to change your look and the vision that others will have of you: On ready skin, apply a coloured eye shadow close to the complexion to the outer corner of the eye, To give your eyes a rich and deep effect, draw the line of your lashes with a kohl pencil, black for the most daring or brown or dark grey for the most discreet, Mascara to enlarge the look on both the upper and lower eyelashes, To bring out the natural colour of your eyes, use an eye shadow that contrasts with the iris colour: golden tones for blue eyes, copper tones for hazel eyes, plum for khaki eyes, pink for green eyes, while brown eyes can do anything. Work on the outer corner of the eye to enlarge the look or give priority to halo make-up on round eyes.