The eyebrows correspond to the protruding part of the face. They give it character and are one of its assets. The maintenance of the eyebrow arches helps to enhance the look. This treatment consists of restoring volume to the eyebrows or, on the contrary, removing unsightly hair. Eyebrow make-up is one of the methods used to give eyebrows more shapes. However, this process takes time. Thus, an innovation is put forward, namely the eyebrow tattoo. What does this process consist of?

The origin and evolution of eyebrow tattooing

In the 1990s, the fashion was to have very thin eyebrows. In order to follow this trend, many women performed frequent hair removal. As a result, the hair has difficulty growing back. Thick eyebrows have replaced the craze of the 90s. Thus, eyebrow tattooing makes it possible to obtain these avant-garde eyebrows. Hair removal one by one is an easy task, but regrowth remains complicated. Therefore, eyebrow make-up can be used to restructure them. This technique has its origins in Asia. Among other things, it strengthens the hair and even intensifies the eyes in order to obtain an effect that comes close to natural. The tattoo has become a beauty ally. Indeed, this type of make-up uses this technique to obtain a result that imitates real eyebrows. A mechanical pen and nano needles are used to replicate the lines of the brow bone.

The different techniques used for eyebrow tattooing

Previously, the use of pencils and mascaras was favoured for the beauty of the eyes. Currently, structured eyebrows are obtained by semi-permanent make-up using processes like those of traditional tattooing. Eyebrow dermopigmentation consists in tattooing the eyebrow arches by first defining its shape. Secondly, the beautician removes the hair that crosses the line. Finally, the person concerned chooses his or her pigmentation, which will be determined according to the colour of his or her hair and skin. This type of tattoo fades after 2 to 3 years depending on the skin of the users. Retouching is required to keep it for a long time to come. Microblading or eyebrow micropigmentaton mimics the technique of its predecessor. This less intense version of dermopigmentation consists of applying the chosen pigment hair by hair to the skin. It lasts between 2 weeks to 6 months. It should be noted that during the first few weeks of application, the brow bone should not meet water, as the pigmentation that is still wet could easily fade.

The value of semi-permanent make-up

Eyebrow makeup with the use of various modern tattoo techniques is suitable for everyone. In this case, it is suitable for women who have hair that no longer grows, because of frequent hair removal or chemotherapy, and those with very fine eyebrows as well as those who want to beautify their eyes. Indeed, eyebrow tattooing fills in the holes left by the hair. As a result, it offers a natural look, because the eyebrow pigmentation and the method used are adapted to give this illusion. Moreover, it is less painful than a traditional tattoo because the needle touches the skin during the application of the pigment. The healing of the eyebrow arches is also accelerated. In addition, semi-permanent make-up prevents the appearance of crusts from permanent tattoos. With this process, eyebrows require less care. Thus, it saves time during daily beauty sessions and avoids make-up touch-ups after a bath or a visit to the pool.