Being beautiful naturally is what women are looking for, but there comes a time when a woman needs to be bewitching with hypnotic and bewitching eyes. Two unbeatable make-up tools to get an ember look: eyeliner and mascara. How to choose them according to your style?

Importance of eyeliner and mascara

Pencil felt or liquid tip, eyeliner is the first essential tool for your eye make-up. Classic or extravagant, wise or provocative, glamorous or modern, by drawing your eyelids with eyeliner, you can modulate the look, correct the defects of your eyes or on the contrary to enhance their beauty. But what would you look be without the unstoppable mascara? Applied to the lashes, it is the magic brush to thicken, define, lengthen and curl your lashes. In short, it is the final touch that will give you the famous deer eyes.

The eyeliner application according to your eyes

It is not done in any way according to your mood or to follow an emerging trend! For the eyeliner to match your style, you must master certain rules and know the nature of your eyes. The eyelid to work with the eyeliner should be bare and remember that the closer your eyeliner gets to the line of your lashes, the more natural the result will be. For a close eye effect, press your eyeliner line into the inner corner of the eye. For distant and refined eyes: stretch the eyeliner line to the outer tip. To reduce the globular eyes, it is necessary to finish the trace on the outer corner in a kind of fine comma. Small eyes that want to open their eyes must draw a 4mm eyeliner line over the entire eyelid. To raise the gaze of falling eyes, there is nothing better than a slightly blurred eyeliner line stretched towards the temples. Enhance your almond-shaped eyes with a simple thin line of eyeliner to thicken at the outer corner of the eye.

Mascara to enhance your eyeliner and bring out your style

There are new mascaras every year. Fine brushes to define lashes or thick volumizing brushes? With Maybelline New York mascaras, you have a wide range of choices in addition to exceptional technology for all styles: colossal big shot volume to boost lashes, sensational lash volume, with false lashes push up effect, waterproof, volum express rocket,. To discover blepharoplasty, a plastic surgical technique that corrects dark circles in the eyelids, visit