Are you tired of your frizzy, curly or curly hair and want to do a Brazilian straightening to reduce its volume? Why not consider doing it at home? If you want to save on your hairdresser's bill, discover the essential steps to perform a Brazilian straightening at home.

What equipment do you need?

Brazilian straightening is a popular treatment to combat curls and waves in hair. Thanks to its long-lasting and smooth effects, you won't have to worry about your curly hair for 3 or 4 months, except maybe wash it regularly. To do a Brazilian smoothing at home, you will need to get the necessary equipment: - A clarifying shampoo to remove styling products - A keratin treatment (60 or 120 ml depending on the length of the hair) - A dust mask or surgical mask to avoid inhaling the product - A hair dryer - A smoothing iron with a minimum temperature of 200 to 230 °C - Plastic gloves, plastic bowl - Hairpins, a pain with big teeth to untangle the hair - A shower cap To buy your Brazilian inoar smoothing kit, go to a specialized store.

The first applications

The preparations for a Brazilian straightening can take up to 2 hours, but they are essential to guarantee the best effect while avoiding damaging your hair. Remember also that you will not be able to wet your hair within 3 days after straightening, hence the importance of the shower cap. To start, wash your hair thoroughly with the clarifying shampoo and for the second shampoo, apply for 5 minutes. Above all, avoid using a conditioner or mask. Then untangle your hair with the hard work and blow dry it completely. Indeed, the treatment should never be applied to damp hair. Once dry, you can comb them and separate them into 3 sections. You can then take your gloves and apply the keratin treatment from 5 cm above the root. To ensure that the lengths are well coated, run your fingers over the section to be treated. Your hair should be completely coated with the product without dripping and then blow-dry it completely at a medium temperature. Before moving on to the next step, it is best to let the hair rest for 10 to 15 minutes.

The smoothing steps

When you are ready, straighten your hair with ceramic plates, making sure you always comb them to avoid knots. Start with the bottom strands and work your way up. Make sure that the temperature of the iron is above 200°C and repeat the smoothing 5 or 7 times for each wick. Above all, before proceeding with the operation, put on a mask since the fumes can cause coughing. When you have completed all sections, your smoothing is almost finished. Your hair will be a little oily, but it will be perfectly smooth after 4 days. If it happens to loop during the night, you can smooth it again. However, it should be noted that straightening is useless if you do not maintain your hair properly with keratin care. Also avoid going to the pool too often for the treatment to last more than 2 months or, if not, wear a hat. Remember also that it is essential to wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. To learn more about the tips for maintaining your straightened hair, specialists like inoar marroquino can help you.