There are many reasons why a person may decide to make a makeover. The latter always begins with an image assessment with a professional. Among the different steps of a complete makeover, the hair and makeup makeover are very decisive steps. What would be the determining factors for their success?

How to have a successful makeover?

The relooking is a personal image advice based on the morphology, the requirement and the personality of the person concerned. The decision often comes from a desire for (physical) changes such as wanting to look more beautiful, more feminine, more adult or younger, more mature, ... The key points of a successful makeover are to work mainly on the colour, hairstyles and make-up, to finish with the clothing and accessories makeover. It is the make-up and hairstyles that determine the big change because they particularly produce a huge metamorphosis on the face. It is therefore essential to maintain a certain balance between complexion makeup, eye makeup, lip makeup, haircut and hair colour to achieve a beautiful appearance and an attractive smile. Taking care of the aesthetics of your teeth has become important. For more information, visit

Hairdressing makeover

The hairdo makeover is one of the fundamental steps of a complete makeover of a person (especially for the day of his wedding, for hairdo ideas visit Marie’s hairdo. It will enhance eyes and facial complexions. Before making any decisions, you need to know exactly what you want. Discussing it with professionals in this type of makeover would be the next step. To do. Several factors must be considered before making such a work. The choice on the cut, on the colouring and on the type of hairstyle to adopt will depend on the objective and the personality of the person concerned, on the desired appearance, the nature of the hair, the morphology of the face and of course on the budget.

Eye make-up

To bring out a magnificent look, there is nothing more pleasant than having make-up that is well adapted to the shape of the eyes, the complexion and morphology of the face and the desired style (cat eye, carbonaceous make-up, smoky eyes...). It is necessary to have products (foundation, foundation, concealer,) and materials (brushes) that are more suitable and easier to use. A specific make-up always requires products and materials such as wanting "cat eye" make-up requires an application of a Felted Eye Liner. Preparing the skin, removing make-up and applying a basic eye care product are good gestures to always adopt before make-up.