Choosing an underwear is a real headache for many women. Women are looking for two criteria at the same time: sexy to please their partner and to be comfortable. Which lingerie adopts these criteria? To be sure, it is best to adopt a lingerie that follows the body's morphology even if the whole thing is not visible on the outside. The choice of underwear is important to feel beautiful and why not drive your partner crazy. You may not know, but there is a relationship between underwear and morphology. To say that lingerie and morphology are two allies not to be separated to make each other beautiful.

Choose the right lingerie according to the morphology in A and V

The morphology in A includes women who have little marked shoulders, but generous hips. To rebalance your figure by drawing attention to your chest. Choose push-up bras with wide straps that will raise the size of your chest or headband bras. Tangas and thongs are perfect for your figure. They bring out the curves of your body. Women with a V-shaped body shape are those with more pronounced shoulders than hips. For women with generous breasts, basket and balconette bras will enhance your bust. If you have small breasts, choose those with thin straps to feminize the silhouette and those with bare backs or crossed straps for women with square shoulders. Emphasis should be placed on the hips. Prefer shorty pants and ultra-feminine boxers. Feel free to choose the panties with frills to attract attention.

Choose the right lingerie according to the morphology X and O

Women who have a balanced silhouette with a more pronounced waist. This morphology includes women with assets to be highlighted. Choose basket bras with a wide strap. High waist panties for women with small stomachs. However, these women can wear sculpting or sheathing lingerie. The O-shaped morphology brings together women with round shoulders, generous breasts and a rounded belly. The objective is to highlight the female assets and to cover the defects. Sleeping bras with wide straps for a good neckline and a safer fit. Panties or sheathing shorty to hide the stomach and shape the waist.

Choose the right lingerie according to the H-shaped morphology

H-shaped morphology includes women with shoulders as wide as their hips. A balanced and rather androgynous silhouette. Women who have this morphology must rely on lingerie that enhances the waist. Body or bustier lingerie sets are perfect to embellish your silhouette. If you want to spice up a little with glamour, dare to use cheeks. Triangle or basket bras for bra enthusiasts but avoid the headband type. High waist panties, regardless of the type of lingerie.