Year after year, electronic commerce is developing. Today you can buy almost everything on the web. However, some products are more successful than others. This is the case for clothing. We no longer count the number of clothing sites like the Ilannfive online store. Buying your clothes online has many advantages that seem to compensate for the main disadvantage, which is the impossibility of trying them out. We can see that more and more people are therefore inclined to buy both men's clothing and women's and children's clothing online without fittings. However, this phenomenon can be explained.

Figures of men's clothing purchases online

clothing siteBuying clothing online for men, women and children seems to have established itself in the habits of many consumers. If there are still many who prefer to go to a physical store to enjoy, and try on the clothes before deciding, it is to do so, which may well end up being considered surprising. According to the Masterindex study, e-commerce grew by 45% from 2015 to 2018. The most purchased goods are clothing and shoes, with an average of 48% across Europe. In France, this study revealed that 53% of the most consumed goods online are women's clothing and shoes. To buy a man's clothing on a clothing site without trying is therefore a beautiful and real reality, and there is a good chance that the trend will continue in the coming years. Indeed, in addition to being able to move from one shop to another in one click, buying online even without trying does not present any risks, as measures are taken to reassure customers.

Buy a man's clothing online without trying, yes but not blindly

When you buy men's clothing online, you don't buy it blindly. If on a site it is not possible to try on the outfits, however, measures are taken by online shops to ensure that their customers do not make mistakes. It is therefore no longer uncommon to find a size guide for each garment to guide customers. So, if you know your size or how to use a tape measure to get it, you can buy clothes without having to go through the fitting room, and with a good chance of being satisfied. As indicated in the advice given on Mondandy, however, it is also necessary to pay attention to its morphology and to be informed, if necessary, about foreign sizes. The possibility of returning the men's clothing free of charge is another element that favours the purchase without fittings. Customers are thus reassured that in case of dissatisfaction they can be reimbursed. This is the reason why when it comes to online shopping, most customers turn to brands with a certain reputation. It is a fact, buying clothes online for men, women or children without trying has become commonplace. If this trend has led to the birth of more and more clothing sites, it has also boosted the creation of fashion blogs specializing in clothing advice.