An important last minute appointment, no time to visit a beauty salon? For those in a hurry and those who still need to display a well-masked face, discover the make-up techniques to do it yourself to have a face as if it were made up by a professional.

Importance of make-up

A beauty asset, make-up is not a tradition reserved for the most coquettish in society. During a special event at the office or in society, make-up is the way for women to value themselves and to take out their assets. Learning to put make-up on by herself allows the woman to discover herself and find the techniques that will sublimate her face.

Before applying make-up

Have a visagist mind! Analyze the shape of your face, its assets and the small imperfections to correct. There's no point in adopting the latest make-up trends if it's only going to give you a clown look, identify your makeup style and what you want people to see in you! Before applying make-up, take the time to cleanse your skin and then apply a foundation, a cream to fix the make-up.

Tips for professional make-up

To master make-up, training is necessary. Consult the make-up sheets step by step and watch the make-up tutorials to master the technique. How to apply make-up to get a fresh and radiant complexion? Use blush to give colour to the essential points of your face: forehead, cheeks, chin, cheekbones. Apricot colour for dark skins and pink for light skins. How to put makeup on to get ember eyes? Whatever the colour of your eyes, open and illuminate your eyes with an eyeliner line and boost the volume of your lashes with mascara. For a sexy eye, don't forget to stretch your eyeliner line on the outer corner of the eye. Eyeshadows are ideal for a clever mix of colours. How to apply make-up for irresistible lips? Choose the trendy light shades of pink and orange for the make-up of the day. At night, look like fatal women with bright colours on a mouth hemmed with a pencil line.