Relloking usually requires the intervention of a hairdresser. According to these tips and proposals, you could choose between several cuts that go with your makeover. The use of hairdressing simulators is interesting to see for yourself a glimpse of the result before the hairdresser intervenes.

Haircut: Presentation of the virtual hairstyle

Virtual hairstyles are software or simply services included in web pages that allow you to try several hairstyles only through a photo of yourself. These applications can also include other features such as the use of make-up, which greatly facilitates the tasks of a hairdresser in a makeover.

Haircut: the advantages of using a hairdressing simulator

The advantages of using hair simulators are that they avoid working in the imagination. Indeed, at the front bumper, the relooking services only offer cuts from a catalogue. Only we now know that a successful makeover depends on several parameters of your face: your morphology, eye colour, complexion. The use of virtual hairstyles therefore makes it possible to see concretely how the result should look like and to avoid that the relooking is at the origin of bad surprises.

Haircuts: types of virtual hairstyles and instructions for use

All digital platforms: PC, Smartphone, Tablet can include virtual hairdressing services. The simulator can be an application to download an online service. Its use is generally free of charge. The operating mode is as follows: first, you will upload a picture of yourself into your digital memory. It is important that the hair in the image folds back to prevent your hair from being seen. You must also upload passport photos. After choosing your photo, you can now choose the hair styles that are contained in the software database. Once chosen, you can enlarge, shrink and move the model so that it sits perfectly on your head. You can then save the models in the memory of your computer or smartphone. Other applications also allow comparisons to be made between before and after the application of the hairstyle.