How else should I dress? The only solution is to consult specialists in relooking clothing fashions. Professionals in this field are indeed involved in a broad intervention of detail on how to dress so that you can change, but in the right direction, with new colors and cuts.

Dress style: need help?

A makeover is a way to transform a person from the outside and their clothing style is a parameter that is very much considered in this operation. A makeover is always an action supervised or carried out by a specialist; here it can be carried out by a clothing professional. Wearing clothing generally defines a person's personality, which often implies that a person usually dresses the same way all the time. However, other factors can enter the equation of how to dress? From one person.  These are generally social and economic parameters. Dressing is thus the perfect expression of a person's personality. To get out of your bubble, the intervention of a specialist is necessary to break down the walls that prevent you from blossoming in the way you dress. A clothing makeover is the easiest to approach, because it does not require the use of complex materials and significant working times. The interventions can only be divided into two main parts: the first part consists in analysing the clothing personality and proposing new and better options according to its needs and means. The second is to accompany the Peronese for a shopping trip where we give her advice while concretizing the first steps.

Dress style: Advice

The advice often given in a clothing makeover concerns: colours and clothes themselves. Colours are always mentioned first, because it is they that are directly seen. Professionals generally know which colours are best suited for people according to their morphotype: eye colours, hair colours, complexion. Colour thus enhances you. Clothing will help to enhance your figure. More advice is available at

Clothing style: Shopping

During the actual makeover, i.e. shopping, the specialist will advise you on where and how to buy the clothes that fit you without spending a lot of money. It should also be noted that this step is not often included in the service of a professional clothing makeover, which means that you are responsible for the expenses during the shoppings. Clothing services do not use before-and-after comparisons, which are often used in other makeover families.