Until recently, thrift stores did not always have a good reputation. But attitudes and consumption patterns have changed. Many French people now choose to dress in second-hand clothes. This solution allows you to save a lot of money, while enjoying clothes that are still in fashion.

Reduce your clothing budget

Sales of second-hand clothing are booming, and more and more consumers are opting to buy second-hand clothing. Indeed, you have everything to gain when you buy your second-hand clothes in an online thrift store. It is possible to find very good fashion items, almost new and at a price that has nothing to do with the price of the same product sold in a store. Online thrift stores allow you to buy new clothes but are also an opportunity to empty your wardrobe. With the money you will have collected from your own clothing sale, you will be able to buy new clothes without spending any money. Depending on the case, you may even make a small profit. Indeed, a garment in good condition that cost for example 100 euros in store can be resold second-hand between 10 and 15 euros. It goes without saying that the clothing budget can thus be considerably reduced, and the savings made can be used for other purposes. The online clothing stores offer a wide choice of second-hand clothing for women, men and children in all styles and for all seasons. Clothes make it possible to refresh the wardrobe at a lower cost, and to multiply the number of clothes according to your desires.

Digital clothing stores boosted sales

The second-hand clothing market has bright days ahead. Every day, online clothes are gaining new followers. In 2018, 28% of French women bought a second-hand clothing item and by 2019 it is estimated that this figure will rise to 41%. Second-hand clothes are attractive and make it possible to create a wardrobe that is sufficiently complete for all circumstances. More and more people are becoming aware of the need for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of consumption. The second-hand clothing market really has something to appeal to consumers, many of whom have adhered to the "Nothing new" principle, zero waste. In addition, emptying your closet by selling on an online thrift store brings consumers closer together and creates a bond. We buy more clothes and accessories than before, and we sell them as quickly when we no longer want them, which prevents them from accumulating in the cupboards. In this sense, the second-hand clothing market is not in crisis and is constantly booming.

For a responsible and sustainable consumption

The purchase and sale of second-hand clothing saves many resources, both human and ecological. Choosing clothes from online clothing sites is the most durable way to get dressed. No new resources are used, and environmental pollution from clothing manufacturing in textile factories is reduced. Existing clothing is put back on sale and another person can enjoy it. In short, dressing with clothes online is a great opportunity to participate in environmental protection, and work for the environment. On the Internet, the number of online thrift stores is multiplying. In the cities, many second-hand clothing stores are opening. Fashion and ready-to-wear are taking on a new face, and rather than buying new, we dress in clothes at a much cheaper price. Clothing stores allow you to make good deals all the time, and no more waiting for sales to take advantage of a discounted price.

Clothes, a good way to have fun

From now on, it is possible to change wardrobes quickly and economically. Online clothes offer all kinds of clothes for the whole family, fashion accessories and even household linen. There are almost new and brand-new clothes at a price that would not otherwise be affordable. The sale of second-hand clothes allows you to vary your wardrobe and enjoy trendy outfits on a reduced budget. Online thrift stores oversee distributing the ads and interested people contact the seller directly. The clothes are listed by category and the buyer can access in a few clicks the list of second-hand clothes with pictures that are offered for sale. It's exactly like shopping in an online clothing store and finding everything you need or dream about, but at a low price.